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Bolivia has reduced poverty and inequality more than any country in the Western Hemisphere over the last ten years by increasing the minimum wage 87%, doubling investment in schools and healthcare, and lowering the pension retirement age from 65 to 60. The government paid for these programs by increasing taxes on oil profits from 18% to 82%, which also allowed the country to eliminate its debt and amass the world’s largest surplus. Bolivia is now estimated to have the region’s fastest growing economy this year and next, according to the IMF. Share if we should follow Bolivia, Like our page US Uncut! Sources:

Clearly they are evil Communists and must be stopped before their subversive ideas gain a foothold in the land of the free.

You ever just have a lonely weekend? Surrounded by all my friends who love me, and all I focused on was I just wanted someone there with me. I kept looking over my shoulder for some reason thinking someone would come up to me and just be super happy and sit with me but I just left just looking. Fuuck











This is way we should rave, not for drugs, but for the music and the people, PLUR

But for the drugs too, right?

If you can handle your self on drugs yes but don’t be the asshole who gives ravers the bad credit and name
But be safe about it


^ above that

But you know ^that

^ but you know above that

I’ve posted something similar to this, but I’m reblogging for that comment about drugs

Raving has made me more mentally free.

we-are-ravers that’s why I fucks with you, you get it
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